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Why KoolClean?
Our carpet cleaning company is your
#1 source for Professional Carpet Cleaning and Tile and Grout Cleaning in Yavapai County.

Our carpet cleaning service surpasses the competition, in not only price, but value as well. We rinse your carpets with high pressure hot water so there is no residue or stains left in the carpet.

 KoolClean carpet cleaning service can also remove stains others can't or don't. And our work is guaranteed, which means if you are not satisfied with our service, we will come back out, at no cost, to take care of any concerns you have. So whether you just have a question or want a free estimate give us a call or fill out the request on the right today! 

Remember when your carpet was clean or when you just moved into your new home and how clean they looked. Need them to look that good again. Do you miss that clean fresh look and feel that your carpets once had?

Troy at KoolClean can restore your carpets back to that original state again. Worried about the carpet not drying fast enough, we use a method that ensures that they will be dry in as little as four hours. Your carpet will look great and stay clean longer. Why you say? Because we use solutions that rinses out very easily, so that there is no residue left behind. Residue left in carpet is what attracts dirt and in effect is what causes them to get dirty looking faster.

I have studied and worked to find the best method to get carpets clean and keep them clean. And in turn passed them on to my customers so that we can achieve the best results possible.

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The KoolClean Difference . . . Our Process for Carpets
Is it time to clean your carpets? You can trust KoolClean to get the job done and done right. We use a 7 step system on residential carpets. 
  1. First after we have moved what furniture that is needed to be moved we thoroughly vacuum all carpets to be cleaned.

  2. Second we inspect the area to be cleaned for spots or stains that need to be treated. And treat and remove the stains.

  3. Third we pre-treat the carpets to be cleaned with an appropriate pre-treat solution that is best for your type of carpet.

  4. Fourth we agitate the carpets to get the pre spray saturated into the carpets; we do this by hand or by machine depending on what  type of weave your carpet is, and the extent of the soil in your carpets.

  5. Fifth we extract the pre-treat solutions and the soil out of your carpets with conventional truck mount Hot Water Extraction Method using a special rinse to leave your carpets clean and soft with no residue left behind so your carpets stay clean longer.

  6. Sixth we post spot your carpet for spots or stains that are stubborn and remove them.

  7. Seventh we groom your carpets for a finished look. And install furniture blocks on any metal parts coming into contact with the carpet so that there is no chance of rust spots developing on your carpets.

 YOU Choose the Service that best fits YOUR NEEDS 
Man Cleaning Carpet 
 Economy Carpet Cleaning
KoolClean is proud to offer carpet cleaning at an affordable price to our residential customers in the Quad City area.
 Premium Carpet Cleaning
When you ask for a premium carpet cleaning service you will get what you ask for. We can include urine removal, furniture moving and carpet protector. According to your budget. You will know what your getting for your money up front, without any hidden charges or any up selling.
 Tile and Grout Cleaning 

Tile and Grout cleaning can be a daunting task especially when it comes to grout lines. What type of cleaner do I use, acid or alkaline? How do I get all the solution off the tile and grout? When can I apply the sealer and how do I apply it? How long will it last, do I have to do this again in a year or two? Do I have the time to get this project done? If you are asking yourself these questions then you have come to the right place. We here at KoolClean can take care of the project for you in a timely matter and make it look new again. We leave no harmful solutions behind, we also can seal those grout lines or any stone or tile with a sealer that will last for years to come.
Once you have clean tile and grout, a Color Sealer can be applied to the grout. Since Color Sealers are a latex based topical application and they help to prevent the everyday stains and ground in dirt that wear out your floor's grout over time. Sealing the grout protects the porous material and will buy you extra time to clean up simple spills, and makes it easier to clean the grout in the future. A quality color sealer, when applied properly, gives a fresh clean look to your grout, giving the option to change the color of your grout lines while protecting the floor. KoolClean can apply the application of these products and offer the best option for protecting your tile and grout. 
We do bathroom floors, shower enclosures, counter tops and walls. Any tile and grout surface can be professionally cleaned and restored to its original beauty.

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Our Commitment to You

Here at KoolClean we will provide superior cleaning for your home or business. With some of best products available at our disposal, we can give your business or home the cleaning it deserves. When we go through your home we leave no hard surface untouched.

For you business' we offer the expertise and professionalism that you demand. We will take care of every kind of floor surface from scrubbing shop floors with floor machines to mopping waxed floors with micro fiber mops to provide the appearance that your facility needs.  Do you have carpets in your offices, we take care of that also with very low moisture carpet cleaning methods that that keep your carpets looking good all the time. From disinfecting bathroom fixtures and sanitizing break rooms to washing windows and dusting fixtures 
KoolClean has the service you need.

 Satisfaction Assurance
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